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Amaze your employees with an activity that reflects their image!

Team building activities

Organise an activity to bring your staff together and allow them to develop within your company.

Wellness :

Botanical and cooking outing

During a walk in the forest of the estate, learn to identify certain wild edible plants by sight, smell and touch. Let yourself be carried away by a cooking or cosmetology workshop using the plants picked during your walk. The choice is yours.


Offer your employees a relaxing session under the supervision of a yoga professional. YOGA Hatha is a traditional and complete yoga.

Practice different static and dynamic postures with varying degrees of difficulty.

Forest bath

Offer your employees this green bubble from Japan which is now spreading all over the world. Follow your guide to discover sylvotherapy and the benefits of trees. This is an opportunity to disconnect and connect with nature.



In a benevolent and playful come and bring out your spontaneity.
Through exercises based on theatrical improvisation, you will be able to perform in groups, pairs and solo to awaken the talent that is within you. A step aside to take the time to listen to yourself, to observe yourself and to assert yourself.
Two discovery workshops are offered, "Be yourself, let go!" or "Shine yourself and bring the collective to life!"  What are you waiting for?

Collaborative fresco

Anything is possible with paint and a canvas to colour your seminars.

Let your minds run free and develop your collaborative work as a team in a friendly atmosphere and supervised by Nasca, painter.  At the end of the workshop, you will leave with your masterpiece...

Blind painting

Would you like to reveal your creativity?  
We offer you, alone or in teams, the discovery of blind painting.

This activity develops communication and the different interpretations of each person.

It is also a time to discover the potential of your colleagues and to release your talents.

Mandala workshop

In small supervised groups, you draw your own beautiful Mandala by playing with shapes, circles, symbols and colours.

The result is surprising, creative and allows you to develop your creativity.

Challenge :

Top chef

Step into the shoes of chefs and take part in a culinary challenge, accompanied by real chefs.
Divided into 4 brigades, you will participate in your own cooking challenge. Your creations, aperitif, starter, main course and dessert will of course be tasted at the end of this challenge. 

Adventurer Challenge

Divided into tribes, you will compete in various "Koh Lanta" themed events.
Which team will win the famous totem pole? Take your torch and let the adventure begin!
Based on the principle of an Olympiad, this animation will make your different teams compete against each other, inspired by the famous TV show.

Escape Game

This is a game of investigation "in immersion", where cohesion and logic will lead the players to the success of this playful test!
Between action and reflection, manipulation and observation, everyone will have to contribute their experience to the team to be the fastest and win!

Murder Party

Guided by 5 costumed speakers, embark on a superb detective adventure, or "investigation game", in the same field as Agatha Christie's detective novels, or the board game Cluedo.
It's up to your colleagues to get involved: analyse the clues, look for the leads.

Unusual :

Virtual immersion

Fly over the Hayes estate like a bird...
Put on a mask with video feedback and share a live FPV (First Person View) drone flight as a passenger, immersed in the heart of the estate for 3 minutes.
From slow and contemplative flight to the adrenaline of aerobatics, everything is possible. The pilot will adapt to the participants' desires for each shared flight. Possibility of restitution on USB key of the flights made together (on request with supplement).
DGAC approved pilot.

Photo booth

Take advantage of this terminal to offer your employees a fun and participative moment. A printout in 8 seconds and customisation in your company's colours.

Possibility of immortalising your company event in photo, video or by drone. Price on request

Oenology workshop

Discover wine, the taste of grapes and the characteristics of a terroir in a fun and friendly setting, accompanied by an oenologist. Several workshops are available. It's up to you to choose.
- Discovery workshop.
- Natural wine workshop.


Mangabey is a collective of DJs and musicians at your service to put music and light on your event, and make you spend unforgettable moments.

Vinyl bar

An original and vintage animation, conceived as a moment of conviviality.
The guests choose a vinyl from our selection, the DJ plays it and everyone enjoys it!

DJ for a dance party

The right music at the right time to unite and unite your
your employees.

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Cueillette de champignons
traduction-SVP : Activité botanique et cueillette en forêt ©carboxaldehyde
Ateliers peinture
traduction-SVP : Rien de mieux, pour réunir vos collaborateurs, qu'un atelier peinture en groupe ! ©Marko
Yoga en groupe
traduction-SVP : Yoga en groupe ©Monstera
traduction-SVP : Photobooth ©CR
Activité team building
traduction-SVP : Activité team building : Gyropode ©CR
traduction-SVP : Gyropode, Balade à la salle de réunion Léquinais ©CR
traduction-SVP : Gyropodes, Balade dans la forêt de Brocéliande ©CR
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