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In the land of Solomon, King of Brittany

The history of Domaine des Hayes

The Domaine des Hayes is a place full of stories and legends. Several historians have contributed to the rewriting of this story.

History and legend in the heart of Broceliande.

The entire Domaine des Hayes is situated on land steeped in history of Brittany.

In the middle of the 9th century, Salomon, Count of Rennes, became King of Brittany. According to legend, the royal residence was located in Maxent, on the site of the Prélouais farm, at the entrance to the estate, on the town side, opposite the conciergerie.

Le Domaine des Hayes à Maxent près de Brocéliande, en Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne


From house to castle, 4 centuries of evolution


What is known today as the "Château des Hayes" is a group of buildings dating from the 19th century.

Two centuries earlier, around 1630, the Gentil family began to occupy the property and set up their notary's office. At first, the property was known as the "Maison des Hayes" and it grew in importance.

In 1722, when it was bought by the knight Marc-Gabriel de Lys, Count of Beaucé, there was the main house with a porch in front, a smallholding, a dovecote and a fishpond.

In 1727, the owner added a private chapel in which the Wedding of a Demoiselle de Lys in 1744 was celebrated. Gabriel-Gaspard de Lys, son of the previous owner and his heir, died in the castle in 1803.

The de Poulpiquet du Halgouet family, which succeeded the de Lys, was very present at Les Hayes throughout the 19th century. It was this family that redesigned the estate to give it its estate character.


Occupation during the wars of the 20th century


During the First World War, the castle was occupied by an American staff. No damage was done, except that when the soldiers left, they put all the keys (doors, cupboards, drawers, ...) in one box. The owner at the time spent hours putting the keys back into their respective locks.

In 1941, it was a German headquarters that occupied the castle. About 150 tanks were hidden in successive waves in the woods around the castle. This period was marked by the deterioration of the castle and the disappearance of much of its furniture.



Bought back in 2011, the Domaine des Hayes has become a major event venue in Brittany, in the Brocéliande region. It is a peaceful and magical place, combining elegance and simplicity in the heart of a 270-hectare forest park, only 25 minutes from Rennes. Throughout the year, we offer you the possibility to rent reception rooms (50 to 100 m²), gîtes and comfortable and unusual accommodation (139 beds).

We are happy to welcome you for Weddings, Birthdays, Seminars, Teambuilding, Incentives, Stays and Tourist weekends.


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New in 2023


In 2023, a new building opens its doors! The completely renovated hunters' pavilion is ready to welcome you in its 11 spacious rooms for a total of 35 additional beds on the estate.

This new accommodation combines comfort, tranquillity and nature. Your guests or colleagues will no longer have to worry about the end of their evening and will be able to make the most of the premises during your event.


Discover the Pavillon des Chasseurs


Sensitive to the protection of the Environment and Biodiversity, we are constantly seeking to improve our services, practices and uses.

Here are our different approaches:

  • Every year, several tree plantings are organised. Over 90,000 trees planted in 11 years.
  • Eco-labelled cleaning products.
  • Our boiler room is supplied with wood from the estate's forest.
  • Renovation of the woodwork and fitting out of the buildings with wood from the forest.
  • A timer system is installed for the outside lights of the buildings to avoid over-consumption of electricity.
  • We propose to put you in contact with quality service providers in order to promote the local economy.
  • All breaks and breakfasts prepared by us for the seminars are composed of fresh and seasonal fruit juice, honey from the forest and local pastries
La salle de réception Les Ecuries du château avant rénovation
traduction-SVP : La salle de réception Les Écuries du château avant rénovation
Batîment Les Ecuries
traduction-SVP : Les Écuries, Salle de réception 100 personnes assises ©Isabelle Gloaguen-LH
Le pont et le pigeonnier avant rénovation
traduction-SVP : Le pont et le pigeonnier avant rénovation
Pont, parc du château
traduction-SVP : Pont, parc du château
La salle de réception La Basse Cour et ses 35 couchages avant rénovation
traduction-SVP : La salle de réception La Basse Cour et ses 35 couchages avant rénovation
Mariage Basse Cour
traduction-SVP : La Basse Cour, Salle de réception 40 personnes assises ©Claire Ronsin
La salle de réception Léquinais et ses gîtes avant rénovation
traduction-SVP : La salle de réception Léquinais et ses gîtes avant rénovation
Bâtiment de Léquinais
traduction-SVP : Léquinais, Salle de réception 120 personnes assises ©Claire Ronsin
Pavillon des chasseurs en travaux
traduction-SVP : Les travaux du pavillon des chasseurs ont démarrés en février 2021.
Pavillon des chasseurs, gîte de 35 couchages pour vos mariages, séminaires, évènements
traduction-SVP : Pavillon des chasseurs, gîte de 35 couchages pour vos mariages, séminaires, évènements
Pavillon des Chasseurs

Le 26 June 2023

Une expérience d'hébergement inédite au cœur de Brocéliande en Ille et Vilaine !

Séjourner au Domaine des Hayes, c’est vivre une expérience nature et tout confort, au sein d'un bâtiment rénové aux allures...


Le 22 March 2023

Le Domaine en fête

Un vent printanier souffle sur le Domaine des Hayes, nous vous invitons le Vendredi 12 mai 2023 pour une soirée endiablée à Maxent...