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For an unforgettable company seminar, opt for original team-building activities at a unique venue in Ille et Vilaine!

22 August 2023
If you're looking to organise a team-building event that reflects your company's values, Le Domaine des Hayes has some of the most original team-building ideas for you!

Organising a seminar is now part of everyday business life. It's an important moment in the life of a company, because it helps to strengthen the bonds between employees, and to develop their team spirit and motivation. In 2023 - 2024 make way for something new !


Top original teambuilding ideas :


  • Team building carbox challenge

A team-building activity par excellence, this challenge combines conviviality and competition! Ideal for breaking the ice between your staff during a residential seminar. In this construction challenge, the different teams have to create their own cardboard F1 replica in a limited time.

To do this, each team will be given a number of parts and accessories:

  • Cardboard
  • DIY materials
  • Information on assembly constraints


The participants in each team will have to put in place the most efficient organisation and develop their sense of cohesion and teamwork. Following the assembly phase, the teams will have to face a number of tests:

  • the presentation of their car to the jury for the election of the best design
  • a speed test.
  • the famous online race.


What's great about this event ?

  • Make you a player in an eco-responsible teambuilding activity.
  • Get you to work together and carry out a group activity.

Period: all year round
Attendance: from 15 to 200 people
Duration: half a day
Price: please contact us


  • Team Building Murder Party

This immersive team-building activity combines magic and role-playing! It's the ideal way to immerse your employees in a made-to-measure imaginary world. It's a different way of discovering the estate's heritage.


This investigation always includes actors in period costume and a plot in the form of a tour.

This life-size game, with its suspects, twists and turns, clues and surprises, has all the ingredients to challenge the logic and curiosity of your employees: discover the murderer or solve the enigma unfolding in front of you!

There are several scenarios available to suit your needs:

    Operation Anouk - Polar investigation
    Nina a disparu - Teen investigation based on the book Rêves en Noir by Jo Witek
    Mortelle soirée - Contemporary thriller investigation
    A murder is about to be committed here - Contemporary detective story
    Twelves Monkeys - Futuristic thriller investigation
    Wolfbears - Sherlock Holmes investigation
    2016 places in the air - Jules Verne investigation

The service provider can also adapt to your project and your scenario and offer to write your own customised game at an extra cost.


What's great about this event?

  • Offer a highly immersive experience.
  • Create unique adventures with twists and turns.
  • Make you an actor for an evening/day/weekend.
  • Get you to cooperate and carry out an activity on your own or in a group.


Period: all year round
Attendance: from 15 to 200 people
Duration: half a day
Price: please contact us


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our events and our Study Day, Company Seminar and Company Evening packages.


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Animation Murder Party
traduction-SVP : Animation Murder Party dans l'Orangerie du Chaâteau ©EH
Comédien Animation Murder Party
traduction-SVP : Costume Animation Murder Party ©Gnomme Prod
Animation Car Box
traduction-SVP : Animation Car Box en extérieur à La Basse Cour
Animation Teambuilding Car box
traduction-SVP : Animation Teambuilding Car box pour vos séminaires ©EH
Animation Murder Party
traduction-SVP : Animation Murder Party ©Gnomme Prod
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